Step out the office & into First Thursday

Thursday's have always been the day where you just feel like it cannot go to waste and need to do something. So you gang up with your friends and buy a few drinks to chill. But now when you combine that with the craziness of Braam & Puma Select it becomes a mess. 

The order of First Thursday runs like this, the first Thursday of every month people flock to Braam after work and either go to the market, Puma Select store ( where there is always some celebrity- tonight it's Riky Rick) or walk  the streets of Braam. Then later on either choose between Kitchners or Great Dane for some extended fun, to get home in the early hours of the morning. It is because of First Thursday and Puma Social Club (that was on a Friday before Puma stopped hosting), Great Dane and Kitchners have made going out in the city a thing, making clubs seem like admin. Furthermore let's not forget what Maboneng Precinct is, a story for another day.  

Man Joburg is at her best at night, see you tonight.