Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair // RECAP

So last weekend was the Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair, Hyde Park rooftop. The Friday night which was the first day of the 3 day long Fair, finding parking was a nightmare! Then finding the actual floor was a mission but finally got to the rooftop and as you walk in you are greeted by loud chitter chatter, the sound of sizzling meat, roaring blending machines and music that made all these unusual sounds fit well together. 

The Fair was well attended by different people of all ages and races, there was lots to see, plenty of food and drinks to taste. So walking around on the wooden floor there were a few things that stood out - yes you guessed it alcohol. That's only because the food stalls there were the popular ones from markets like 1Fox, Neighbourgoods and Maboneng. But nonetheless, the tasting journey began with 6 pieces of sushi together with prawns dipped in garlic and chilli sauce, next it was something classical like a traditional burger but the patty was too big and the cheese slapped you in the face followed by onion rings that brought sweetness to it all, after eating that the itis was slowly kicking in. But combated that with a "Don Berry" from the Bloody Mary Lounge, the drink was served in a glass bottle a little over a 440ml can, it consisted of berries obviously and 3 types of spirits - vodka, gin & tequila. Then headed over to Jorgensens Artesian Distillery that specialises in brewing sprits with different flavours. Like there was a bottle of Vanilla Vodka that had been brewing for 2 years, once opened you got the aroma of vanilla with the punchy taste of vodka. Next was "the man's pink drink" which was chilli vodka, tonic & soda water. This drink is much like the ones you would get at Lennon's in Maboneng, but just in a bigger glass lol. The Artesian's didn't stop at vodka, but had lemon flavoured Gin & 78% Absinthe

The Fair as a whole is one that should be attended  at least thrice in a persons life. It would be interesting to see more of such events, but with a different variety of food and drinks.