Black - owned Barbershop

Found this yesterday while trolling the internet streets and it sparked an interest. This is a San Diego barbershop - Freshly Faded, Derrick Banks who uses smoke from the sage to clear up negative or stagnant energy that is built up in the crown area of the client. Banks has created an environment filled with music, art, conversations that allow him to get into his clients head. Well this makes sense as the barber or a salon is the one place that leaves anyone feeling good about themselves.

But this barbershop kinda goes deeper into this notion of "look good, feel good and do good". What one could gather from what this barbershop is trying to do is get the black man to be well groomed and make him confident, it's no secret that the black man or the man in general is always under so much scrutiny by society together with so much pressure. So it all makes sense why a fresh fade means so much, its not just the cut but what comes along with it, the feeling and the actions afterwards.