Phaa Toonz x Interview

Earlier on in the year we had a couch session with Phaa Toonz and had the chance to chit chat with them a little. And this is what the gents had to say: 

Thesis Lifestyle: How did you guys get into doing cartoons like this? 

Phaa Toonz: We are all true fans of animation. As young'ns, late nights and early mornings were spent enjoying Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Tube, Yo.TV & BOP TV.

TL: Are the rappers you are depicting in your short episodes cool with what you are doing/ Are they aware of this?

PH: Yes, we are fortunate to have a great relationship with the artists we depict. We have have been grateful to receive encouragement from the artists. 
Its the management who tends to be the problem.

TL: Have any of the rappers you have animated so far acknowledged what you guys are doing about them?

PH: Most of them have acknowledged our use of them in the show. Whether it was AKA's retweets of Saga to private conversations with Riky Rick, 
the Hip Hop community embraces our contribution to the culture.

TL: Can we expect more from you guys? Like maybe going onto one of our tv channels i.e.. Vuzu?

PH: We are working on a multimedia experience and a TV media partner is  definitely part of the plan. We are still piecing together our dreams. 
With animation, there will always be some apprehension when you try to find synergy. 

TL: When can we get full series webisodes? or will it stay as a these short episodes?

PH: All we can say is that our Skhanda Pati episode will dictate the stylistic credit we aim to develop for Kronikles Of Hip Hop. 
Our viewers deserve premium mzansi-mnandi content. 

TL: Who's brilliant idea was it to use SA rappers and trending topics?

PH: 24 October 2014 at 2am in the morning, while working on our other show we created Kronikles. Bringo, Tweezy & Chapterz decided to create fictional characters
from the music we enjoy. 
In 8 hours, we recorded voice overs; animated our characters & uploaded the pilot onto our YouTube page ( 

TL: Where do you rate SA animation?

PH: We are excited to see the animation in South Africa being embraced by all spheres of media. Wheter its on the 1st For Women adverts to the hilarious stylistics of Mdu Comics.
We are truly coming into our own, if only potential collaborators could rid themselves of the stigma that is "animation is expensive".

TL: Where do see yourselves in the next 5 years or so? like the continuity of Phaa Toonz. 

PH: We see ourselves broadened in our disciplines, i.e. live-action formats such as our 1st For Men parody. We want to entertain you, not only through a particular channel, but by the establishment of our movement. We subscribe to dope, so expect our own channel in 5 years, even better pop-up cinema experiences, more music from the camp and other surprises along the way.