Erykah Badu // You Caint Use My Phone (mixtape)

Erykah Badu's phone-obsessed phone mixtape explores intimacy and connection. The mixtape has 11 tracks that have a cross between interpolations ,covers and original compositions of the song, like Drake's, hotline bling - the extended version retitled Cell U Lar Phone, gives But You Caint Use My Phone its concept and serves its core. The tape radiates domestic warmth and good humor like we have known Badu's records to be. 

Her relationship with the world's most popular rapper is fascinating both creatively and personally, its a connection defined by dialogue rather than linear influence. Not forgetting that the 6 God should be thanked for inspiring Badu's dive into the 40 years of phone-centric music. She places "hotline bling" beside Usher's "U dont have to call," New Edition's "Mr Telephone Man," and Todd Rundgen's "Hello its me" via The Isley Brothers. These interpretations give her room to wander into rhythmic pop, quasi-chillwave, and astral, airy folk-soul. When Andre 3stax wanders out of the wilderness for a typically slippery verse and duet with Badu on closer "Hello," Badu's scattered meditations on connection and disconnection start to click into place.