R U N they say

The alarm clock beeps…

You open your eyes, take your first step out of bed, and sit at the edge of your bed and you are thinking to yourself “do I really have to do this”. The body and the mind come together and form allies. The one muttering, “oh just go back to bed, this can be done tomorrow” and the other not cooperating with lacing up your running shoes. At that moment as you step out the house, the battle between yourself and yourself has begun and only ends when you finally kick off your shoes.


It is 7am and Mofolo is French kissed by the sun.

That battle you had been struggling with since the morning, its not just you alone. There is a whole Run Cru that is fighting with you and you may not even realize that your battle isn’t as bad as the next person who is stretching next to you. And that’s the beauty of running with a cru, is the idea of comradery The feeling of knowing that running isn’t so hard for you alone but for other people too. Furthermore, than having people to run with every Saturday it is having a family. A family who is there for you at the top of the triple steep of Winnie cheering you on, having Sizwe run with you from start to finish or having the gents chant words of encouragement “spirit” before reaching the Thesis shop.


Running is hard! It is fucking hard, the plot twist to it being so hard is that running builds you, not your body but mentally too. And nothing makes it easier like having a cru to go through the hardships and joys of running with you.


Like meet…to be continued.