Meet Sizwe

Lets meet Sizwe, the heart and soul of the cru, well it’s just so natural for him to be that person. He is so kind and gentle but he has this thing about him that you can't put your finger on. It might be because he is so patient with you. A 10km run is hell especially when you have been so comfortable running the 5km. But Sizwe from start to finish he paces you, pushes you, encourages you and puts you through the grind. The thing with running with him isn’t just that, it’s the conversation while running. He throws in subliminal lines of reassurance that you are doing great at this life thing and running. He said, “you are pushing really well and I like your attitude. You know at first I thought you were lazy yazi, is it because I underestimated you because of your beauty but it is in you to do amazing things, you are a natural hard worker. Like I once said to you, you are on the right track keep the faith, big things are coming your way”

 The past weekend, we did our normal 10km route but we did it anticlockwise “back to back”. Oh man was it a tough son of a bitch! There is a steep we have named as “satan”, it’s like a long long never ending steep that meets at the top of Vilakazi street. The steep has a mini dip within it and you can imagine every time you look up, all you see is a tar road. The sight of this kills you and you remember why you don’t want to run ever again or why waking up was such a mission. But you carry on with the little strength left in you because you have Sizwe by your side who is literally making you run up this steep on your toes at one pace while holding your hand. There is nothing like it. And while you are making your way up you hear him whisper “keep pushing, just almost there just don’t think about it”. You finally get to the top of the steep and who is there to meet you there ? the run cru who are whistling, cantillating "h-o-p h-o-p". 

 The trick to running…to be continued