Running with my Woes

The trick to running is to keep your mind motivated and distracted.

Let’s break it down running is mind over matter, right?

 So if you keep your mind from slowing you down by distracting it with a change of scenery with each run or cranking up the beats on your playlist then Bob is your uncle, correct?

 This is how it works: your mind while running or lets say in general is the kingpin in the drug cartel.

Imagine you are running on the treadmill, your view is of a brick wall and you are listening to the noises at gym, that include grunting from the guys picking up weight or deep exhales from the lady running on the treadmill next to you. And you are thinking to yourself “I have only been on this for 15 minutes and still didn’t sweat the map of Africa on my t shirt”.

The treadmill is boring as fuck!!

Firstly it’s not real running: under that black conveyer belt thingie are little robot soldiers yelling “heave”.

Secondly you only get tired because your mind gets bored of what your body is doing. So it cries wolf and your whole being falls for it and get off the treadmill. And after that running on the treadmill has escalated to running on the road.  

 Now imagine running on the road, the surface is hard, there is the hustle and bustle of the morning rush and occasionally dodging Rea Vaya busses. Well because those bus drivers think the road was made for them by their fathers. Granted you are enjoying your run, I mean you are like Rocky and “eye of the tiger” is the soundtrack to your run. But after you get through 5km, the body starts with its childish behavior and you all of a sudden feel a little sharp pain in your right knee. Then you later start slacking and start thinking about what you are going to do when you get home. As soon as you know it you are walking so nicely nursing your injuries and the sun is beating on your face. And Sandy from the Nike app is saying through your headsets 6km at a pace of 7.40 and a time of 40:06 minutes. What usually follows after that is “fuck it, I am not running anymore”. Not that it lasts long till you try running on the track.

 Track is umh…a piece of work, because you are literally a hamster running on a wheel round and round and round again. This is literally a mind game where you need to keep your mind from putting the spanner in the wheel and you realize that you have only done 800m and you are running in a circle seeing the same things over and over again. But track is where your running is tested at great lengths. The pace you are running at after each lap is different from when you started, the surface is much softer so you run a little faster, you see where you are going and where you come from so you sort of cheat yourself into stopping and starting. Track is like God level * in Kanyes voice* of running, its hard and easy at the same time. This is where you start to notice that the treadmill and the road were not futile exercises but the foundation to you wanting to push yourself more and more on different terrains.

 Track is God level but trail running is God level 2.0!! in Kanye and JayZ voices*

 It’s really something else that you have to experience for yourself, because words wouldn’t be doing justice to how beautiful it is. How you free you feel and how at peace your mind is total silence. The sound of water trickling down the stream, birds chirping, smelling nothing but trees and odd flowers here and there, jumping over heaps of pooh left by an animal you would only see at the zoo. The only time when your body isn’t bitching over anything. It’s not going on about how hard it is for your knees or how your shins feel like they are splitting. NOTHING of that sort just singing in the voice of an angel “hallelujah”. This is like heaven, well what parts of it would be for a person who enjoys running.

 This running thing is beautiful oh you gotta love it *in Drakes voice* be continued