It was an UPRISING of some sort

The morning of June 16, Soweto was not her usual self. She was busier than ever. The air was a little icy and cold but the sun balanced it out. The front of the Thesis Concept store looked like the meeting point of an uprising. Its around 7ish and the number of people who were present for the 16km run was overwhelming. Everyone was somewhat excited and eager for this.

There is just something about seeing 20+ people running on the road. This Youth Day run felt like our own march, our own uprising was taking place in the streets of Soweto. There was a new meaning to this day. Something that stuck out from the 16km run was when the run cru ran through a race/run thing that was happening at Morris Isaacson high school. And one of the guys in the middle of the pack shouted “yikasi lethu leli”, whistles then followed as a sign of everyone running supporting this statement. Its hard to describe this, its something you would have had to see with your own two eyes to understand how powerful that was. It left the people running that race with their jaws on the floor.

The Run Cru really did murk that 16km run, not by just running it. But by being part of the cause behind it. History was made…to be continued.