Eya hamba le bus ka Linz

The beauty of running is the bus…

It was the theme of the Saturday run.

The idea of a bus is that there is a sense of a journey and traveling together as a run cru, everyone focused on the mission. The route of this bus was the same route but there was something different about it. This time round, it certainly had to be that the driver of this bus was a woman.

Like an Alpha woman, remember Beyonce in the Run the world (girls) video…you see that? Yes she was like that the head bitch in charge *giggles like Beyonce while flicking her hair*


 This is seen by her driving the cru through the 6/ Vilakazi street with their woes. Imagine a female driver, she is obviously everything a male driver is not. Like how she cares that no one falls behind or will occasionally boost the moral of the cru and how the male voices would echo after her is something special.

 This Alpha woman enjoys being on an equal parity to the guys in the run cru, how she had Bra Thami and Lebo Rox (that is another topic for another story) by her side right till the end of the run. Is something that isn’t often done as those two guys float like butterflies while running and it is very hard to keep up with. They don’t break a sweat as much as you would. It is safe to say that the other women in the run cru could say that she is one to look up to for leadership and inspiration.

And her name is Linz. That female that you just don’t mess with *grunts like Beyonce*

The Saturday run was nothing short of beautiful.

The weather was forgiving, people showed up in numbers, the road was clear and everyone was at their happiest.

That’s the next level of running.

When you can see the progress of running every Saturday and Tuesday, where the triple steep of Winnie doesn’t give you hell like it did when you started out. Or how you reach the Thesis concept store feeling like Mayweather after an epic fight because you finished off strong.

 The encouragement of the guys yelling “ladies in front, lets go lets go halehale go go” like in the movie 300 where Leonidis shouts “Spartans”.

To be continued...