Thesis Retro Winter Shandeez

Thesis Retro winter was an idea that became a vector on the computer screen then it materialized at the printers and made it onto the shelves to be consumed.

To break down why Retro, wasn't anything formal but what was aesthetically pleasing to the eye and what looks good on fabric. The Retro style is new things that display characteristics of the past. This is easily seen by the typography, vector images and the colour pallette chosen. But what is so new about this winter range is the treatment of the old style and  how it has been put out to be consumed. 

The denim jacket is a favourite it is a staple item one needs to have for all seasons. And the beauty about a denim jacket is that the older it looks the better it becomes, it shows character. Now what Thesis has done with this is stitching three badges to it, granted it looks good.  But the idea of Thesis lasting just as long as the denim jacket is the important message,  “Thesis forever and always” . '