Legae laka, My home


Legae laka, My home

Last night, I woke up in our 9 roomed cacoon.

A family of 4, stapled together with ego, luxury and a superiority complex.

Our lives painted royal by the material and tangible that we possess.

Believing incessantly, that this, “this shit right here nigga” HAS to be the life.

BUT every rule, is already broken…


Today, I stand in the heart of this city.

Today, I live in the cheers of brotherhood.

I speak the language of my nation’s triumphs.

I sleep in the bed of creative freedom.

I eat in the presence of the di Kgosi le di Kgosigadi of tomorrow’s sunrise.

I love in the spirit of Uhuru.

From today, Soweto buzzes “Welcome home”. 

From this moment, I belong…

                                                                                                              - Written by Kgatliso Letlape