From "spotti" to "bucket hat"

Remember how back in the day the guys from Alaska used to match their outfits from spotti right down to all stars? And how the only people that wore ispotti were either the old school kwaito guys, thaaat uncle in the family or that random person you just didn't understand if they were a pantsula or le’vandal. 

 Then Thesis brought back this iconic piece of clothing and reinvented it as a “bucket hat” . It is safe to say that, thats what made Thesis the brand that is for Soweto by Soweto made in Soweto. With that said, in the hood everyone is rocking them with pride. It has even gone as far as the school kids making the bucket hat as part of school uniform. 

If you are wearing a bucket hat and it isn’t by  Thesis, then it isn’t an original bucket hat.