Coach Divine // Fitness & Wellness

Thesis lifestyle: Why the name “coach divine”?

Coach Divine: The name actually goes back to my high school days. We all had some sort of aka or nickname and mine was Divine. And now because of my profession, my clients call me coach. it became a natural progression to Coach Divine. 

TL: How did this journey to becoming a fitness junkie start? Because usually with a lot of “fitness junkies” it was a serious turning point in their life, what’s your story?

CD: I've always had and immense passion for running and athletics. It is one of the things I've been GOOD at. It also helped me clear my mind a lot when I ran. I swear there is nothing that beats the endorphine rush of a great run or workout.

Although I had tried to persue my interest in the profession, I wasn't really serious about it and it became a problem when people used to ask me what to eat because I wasn't trained in that field, I didn't know how to respond to them. So I got trained as a Health and Fitness Coach and a High Intensity Resistance Trainer part time. Till my mom fell terribly ill and seeing her in that state shook my world, especially because doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. But because I knew my mom and I knew of her bad eating habits- that was my "turning point" so to speak. I made a vow to myself to help especially young women and mothers to change their eating habits more like promoting healthy eating habits amongst them. And more especially I wouldn't want anyone else to experience what I went through that month with my mom.

TL: The debate on building your body naturally and using supplements/ fat burners, ect. What is your take on this? And did you build your body naturally or did you get a boost?

CD: Look it is a very touchy subject, more especially because balance is so important and there is a huge decline in the nutritional value of food. Well unless you are growing your own food then you are safe. But it is hard to get optimum nutrition from food, so supplements are important in todays modern world. BUT YOU NEED TO DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST. I do not believe in taking over the counter supplements because you simply don't know whats in them. I always say if you cannot give them to a pregnant woman or to a child then it shouldn't be going into your body. I do take protein shakes in the morning and I do have my natural teas and energy boosters. But these are all natural. 80% NUTRITION and 20% EXCERCISE . My body has always been tiny and I lacked muscle, energy and changing my eating habits helped immensly.

TL: As a female, which is or was the hard part of getting to your desired body weight?

CD: Oi!! My BUM. Unfortunately I wasn't one of those girls born with a bootylicious bum. So I had to squat my way there even now I am still squatting lol. 

TL: What does Coach Divine’s typical day look like?

CD: 04:30/5AM - Wake up 

Prayer, personal development and morning readings

06:00AM - Run

07:00AM - Breakfast and Admin

08:30AM- Metabolic Training Class

Assessments and other meetings throughout the day

Evenings are bootcamp classes

TL: What is your advice to someone who is aspiring to become a fitness junkie? What is important about before/ after training? Diet? Lifestyle?

CD: Don't try and copy or be a follower. Get inspired, find something that you like doing and that would work for you. Eat right - if you want to see results. Everything starts in the kitchen then worry about your exercise after your diet is fixed.

TL: What do a lot of people get wrong when they start this healthy lifestyle?

CD: That they eat less and train more.