"to all the ladies in this place with STYLE & GRACE" // part one

The lyrics from B.I.G are so fitting for the 5 ladies who were and still are iconic songstresses in this country. They called he the "Madonna" and many others called her the "Queen" of South African pop. Ma Brr's legendary hit "indaba yami" is the ultimate of gangster meets real thug. The lyrics alone speak volumes. This is even seen by the way she is dressed in the video, all black everythang coupled with leather. The song was shot in Johannesburg, 1993, when crime was escalating at an unprecedented scale. Brenda wrote this song in reaction to the epidemic. 

Miriam Makheba also known as "Mama Africa" introduced Xhosa and Zulu songs to western audiences. Like "Pata Pata" was all in the click of the tongue, swaying of the hips. Miriam wasn't just a singer but a Civil Rights activist who openly spoke out on Apartheid in South Africa. The smile on this woman could light up a whole room, her energy and her presence on stage gave you goosebumps on top of your goosebumps.

Yvonne Chaka Chaka the South African icon of entertainment. She is a singer, humanitarian, song writer and TV presenter.The "Princess of Africa" sings "umqombothi", the traditional beer resonates with every South African who know that with every celebration or gathering. There are always `'those" uncles who sit in a circle and just keep downing the drink.

Mama Letta Mbulu possess one of the finest voices the world of song has ever known. Like all great singers, her voice emanates a beautiful sound that radiates and resonates from deep within, brimming with joy of life and more often than not inspiring the spirit of hope and happiness. It's musical like too few voices ever are. It attains grace through pure passion. And it's one of the most pleasurable sounds ever heard.

Thandiswa Mazwai  is one of the most influential musician is South Africa. Starting her career out in 1996 with Bongo Maffin, one of the pioneering bands of Kwaito. It is undisputed that her sound is a fusion of African meets modern day sound. Her voice alone is one that cant be described.