#WCW Mapaseka Mokwele

A telephonic interview done with the lady on the moment Mapaseka Mokwele. Upon this interview this busy bee was in the car driving to one of the many things that she does. And so the interview started out like this...

Thesis Lifestyle: Mapaseka Mokwele who is she?

 Mapaseka Mokwele: LOL, how can you ask me that question? lol , I am a human being / a person, I am my mother’s child, I am my husbands wife and I am my children’s mother.

TL: How do you do it? Being a mother, a wife, a daughter and a career woman

MM: I don’t do it!

I just wake up and take everyday and every moment as it comes. There is no plan nor is there a formula that I use. Trust you me I don’t do anything spectacular, I am not super woman. I am just a person that knows how to delegate delegate and get everything done when it needs to.

TL: What is your take on the women who say “I cannot be a career woman because I have children and I have a husband to look after”

 MM: I would be bored personally. I am not one to judge them on their life choices and if it makes them sleep at night then look it’s all on them. Again I say I wouldn’t do it, not especially when there is so much to be done. I do what I do because I enjoy it and my family has never been the reason why I cannot do anything. If it is anything they have supported me. 

TL: If you had the powers to change anything what would it be?

 MM: Hmm…anything you say. Well I would change the state of poverty, in our country and everywhere else in the world.

TL: If you could choose to be any superhero, who would you be?

 MM: A superhero * starts giggling and replies in a cute voice* I would be a Power Puff girl. Yes a power puff girl lol. But not the angry one but the nice cute one. That would be me if I were to be a superhero.

TL: Your house is on fire what would you save first?

 MM:Are my kids in the house? ( no they aren’t its just you alone) OMG I would save my phone. No no no wait I would save my make up as well. Those things are my life. Agh the rest can burn.