The Graphic Tee is here to stay

The Graphic T-shirt stands its ground in the fashion industry and with its influence today is stronger than ever. 

As a fundamentally unisex article of apparel, the T-shirt is arguably the most democratic garment of all time, conceived as a working man's shirt at the mid-century, before the fashion community experimented with new printing methods, silhouettes, fabrics, and more elevating the T-shirt far beyond its humble origins. 

But why dole praise on the graphic T-shirt in 2015? On the surface, it doesn't demand a critical fashion sense to rocky stylishly, while in a deeper sense, graphic T-shirts are a vehicle to communicate ideas. Before streetwear was even coined, graphic T-shirts were the main weapon of skateboarders and graffiti ideas. Iconic versions including the Stussy tribe, BAPE's ape head, and Supreme box logo tess cemented it as an unwavering pillar of the streetwear movement, and it continues to serve as an entry point into the market for many brands today. The magic of a bulk order of blank T -shirts and homemade screen printer has been proven over and over again, showing that T-shirts are a canvas for important commentary.

As a good example for this, Thesis Nasa white long sleeve T-shirt can be seen as a perfect example. This is because this T-shirt falls under the bridge between high fashion and streetwear and a conductor for the high-low movement. There are many names that are redefining the role of the T-shirt and never should it be downplayed.