The new wave of R&B girls // Dej Loaf x Kehlani & Tink

We all remember TLC for their slinky, soul-filled vocal harmonies, sex positive lyricism and absurdly catchy hooks. The iconic 90s girl group werent just music influencers but their tomboy look influenced the likes of Dej Loaf, Kehlani & Tink. The trio's baggy, branded style, in-your-face colours and brash, career-defining videos, kickstarted an enduring fashion legacy that can still be felt in today's rising R&B stars. 

Dej Loaf for a long while people thought she was a lesbian for the way she looked. Until she came out looking oh so sexy in her "me u hennessy " video. And Kelani's low-rise denim and tight tee's. Tink's stand out, swaggy style. These are the tomboys that have revived the look from the ultimate "girl band"