In my boyfriend's clothes // part one

The androgynous look has been a growing trend amongst many women. It has become the preferred look because it is comfortable and it doesn't look like you are trying too hard but you look good. As well as the boyfriend look (sometimes it is actually her boyfriend's clothes - the sweater). It is interesting times in fashion for women, how the trends have quickly changed from wanting to look like you have been squeezed into your clothes to actually being comfortable. The rise of the "boyfriend jeans" have given way to many looks from dressing up to dressing down. To stay with androgyny, Grace Jones is a perfect example for this. As her sex was constantly questioned. And being Andy Warhol's muse a new face to this was given. Later we had Janelle Monae, who has no confused sex but the way she used to dress up in suits and her hair tied back carried out the boy girl look effortlessly. 

To take a closer look at this, Thesis Lifestyle is a men’s wear brand, but most the customers that walk through the door are girls who are copping a lot of our shit. And actually looking good in the clothing items. Lets look at the  “define yourself tee” The original of this tee looks like the gent in the background. And in the foreground we have Loretta who has cut and stitched the tee to the fit that she wants it to be. And that is the thing with this, women just look extra sexy wearing guys clothing. Well apart from the connotations that come with it like “she is wearing my sweater to show that she is mine" women just looking banging in men's clothing hands down.