The Digital Edge live 2015 // Spike Lee

Yesterday, South Africa's leading digital thinkers alongside the special guest speaker Spike Lee sat in one room and spoke about the digital revolution. The revolution that has given way to the new age story tellers, who have become marketers, content producers and their audiences have become collaborators. This talk took consumers on a journey in which they were active participants and got to ask hard hitting questions that were answered in all honesty.

Now in its 7th year, The Nedbank Digital Edge Live consistently brought together advertisers, agencies, technologists and innovators to look at the most important digital trends in marketing. The Sandton Convention Centre played host to the powerful players in this game. And this is what Kgatliso Letlape had to say about the event, for she is only very new to this game being a young graphic designer. 


The phrase “Technology, is native to us”

screams echoes into hollow casts of people 

omnipresent to reality.

Technology has built a bridge of posts and favourites,

whose destination is a ghost,

that’s been pieced together from a subconscious reel of 

reality shows and airbrush.

The furthest connection, now the “only connection”

waves lose the golden knots of sincerity and sunny hugs.

“It is an extension of us”, they say.

But what of the body from the spirit 

or thoughts from the mind.

But what of these true extensions reflecting the universe for it’s 


What if what we are, is who we are in this split second.

“Technology is native to us”

is screaming echoes into hollow casts of people, 

into hollow casts of us.