The Coolest Girl In Cape Town // Tony Gum

Last week was the 2015 FNB Art Fair and Tony Gum was one of the artists featured. This young lady 20 years of age is taking huge strides in the industry. She is a post-Instagram self portraitist has a unique niche in the trending world of online maximalism. 

Many may know Tony Gum for her "Black Coca Cola". She says in "I did this series, which tried to reimagine the brand's marketing to incorporate more culturally different black faces - more than just one token black face. It was representing the consumer, specifically here in South Africa, where there are many different types of women in black culture that consume Coke. I made the relationship with the brand and consumer more intimate and sentimental"

Apart from that Tony Gum is an Art Director and Stylist for shoots that she sometimes models and shoots for. Her work isnt just seen on IG and at the FNB Art Fair but she has recently done a collabo with Sipho Mponga "Physical Education". This was the least desired activity at school that every student dreaded. Most times it was just too hot and you were being told to run up and down aimlessly or it was much too cold to want to do anything, it was bad enough you had to go to school. This romanticised take on physical education, is imagining a better life where those 3km's were for a good cause.