FEAT socks // Hustle campaign

FEAT socks and co. is a household brand at our Thesis Stores, so in their new range of socks with  cars, sports, doughnuts and local landscapes. For the past two years since we have been in partnership with the sock brand they have launched a new range called "FEAT Hustle", the founders Alison & Chelsea are aiming to launch a new range of socks to be sold by individuals in townships in an exciting new micro-franchise initiative to raise capital for small-scale entrepreneurs

The campaign starts off with entrepreneurs with low risk business to sign up and get a sample of 10 boxes and an order form with the freedom to choose to buy up-front and hold stock for resale or to accumulate orders from their community after showing them the sample. They will then purchase feat . hustle socks for the wholesale price of R45 per pair, with a minimum order of 20 pairs and resell at a recommended retail price of R90 per pair