Momppy Mpoppy // Black Barbie

Meet Momppy Mpoppy, she is the new trendy doll that is way ahead other dolls in Africa. She is dressed in the latest fashion and has a realistic figure to go with it.

The recent debates on toys have sparked really serious issues like "why does every barbie doll need to be white and have a slim figure" also "is she is a black doll why does not have natural hair, why is she always dressed in African ethnic clothes or the biggest cry, why isn't she black enough".

Well Momppy Mpoppy does her bit in answering those questions and also in a way change how little black girls view themselves. The doll was created by Maite Makogba who felt that the dolls that were out there for children to play with were not attractive. This is because they were always dressed in traditional attire and frumpy. Never looking like what the actual Barbie doll looked like. The doll is assembled in China but all the ground work starts in downtown Jozi in her two roomed apartment.

For the Momppy Mpoppy appearance is everything, the clothes that she is dressed in range from the "fabulous seshweshwe" to dungarees, pretty little ballerina skirts, denim shorts and all the other clothes that are trending in todays fashion. Her hair as well is something that is on point, she wears her hair in a big fro or a mohawk, her hair is all natural but can be styled to be silky long. To complete the experience of the little girl can match with her doll, with an outfit made to her size is made with specific details.