Levi's Pioneer Nation // 25 & 26 Sept.

We are a few days away from the Levi's Pioneer Nation session held at Sci Bono, Newtown. And with that being said it is the most talked about session/talk more especially amongst the youngens. It surprising, well because "this generation" has been labelled as the "lost generation". Because this generation is not about being employed at a big company and working from a cubicle where you cant even stretch your legs literally working a 9-5 Monday to Friday.

Nah Fam!

This generation is all about owning their craft making a career out of it. And they are starting to believe that DREAMS CAN HAPPEN! 

It is where the Levi's Pioneer Nation sessions comes in to encourage the youngens that they shouldn't give and keep on keeping on. Together with its speakers and it is a great honour for Thesis very own Wireless G & Wandile  as the founders of Thesis Lifestyle who will tell the truth about starting something from scratch. And perseverance is the key to it all! let's not say but but rather get your bummies there and hear it for yourself.