The Taste of Joburg

The Taste of Jo’burg is a taste festival that goes on over four days. This unique international restaurant festival brings together Joburg’s most dedicated and sophisticated foodies in an al fresco dining celebration. And after eight years Taste of Joburg has firmly established itself on the Johannesburg culinary calendar.


Friday night, the outside area at Montecasino was decked out with many little stalls. And out of these stalls were all sorts of everything that would honestly make your tummy and taste buds speak in tongues. There was so much you could choose from it was overwhelming.

The homemade ice cream from the lovely ladies at Las Paletas, had a wide variety of ice creams and most of them were fruit infused. The special thing about these ice creams was the attention to small details like biting into a frozen berry or the cells of an orange. Together with that these ladies didn’t stop at fruity and creamy ice creams but had three types (mojito, strawberry daqueri and don pedro) of alcoholic ice creams too. This bright idea was one of many of the things that would make you want to go back next year. The flavor of the Mojito which was a personal favourite, was just right. The detail in flavor right down to mint sprinkles. It was a good effort considering that alcohol doesn’t freeze. 

Although it was hard moving away from this ice cream van, the guy and girl at Nurish Purify subtly took the attention. This is a 100% cold pressed detox juice mini company that operates from Midstream, Pretoria. Their juices come in all sorts of flavours. The Revitalizer that had Pineapple, Apple, Ginger root and Orange. This juice is meant to boost your energy, replenishing on nutrients that are lost during the course of the day. The beauty of these juices are the fact that they are raw veggies and fruits that are easy on the palette and come in handy now that it’s the season of looking slim and sexy.

The festival had it’s own currency “crowns” that gave it that touch of sophistication. On average, per person one should have a crown booklet of 50 crowns. These crowns bought you anything, it was a fun and cool way of purchasing something. Imagine going if you could do that outside of this festival like going to Woolies and paying in tokens. But anyway back to the festival, it’s an experience one should try go to a few times in the year provided that the festival grows bigger and better in the years.