Levi's Commuters Collection 2015 // Ditching a car for a bike

So you have all seen how owning a bicycle or even riding one automatically makes you thee coolest person. And for us at Thesis it has drawn us closer to a different market of people that also falls into the lifestyle we are trying to breed into Soweto. It's no new thing to own a bicycle, the kids in the hood have been riding bicycles since parents didn't mind buying bicycles for Christmas then send you to go buy bread everyday. This time it's different because a bicycle serves as a mode of transport and it promotes a healthy lifestyle. 

Levi's being the smarty pants have design a collection specifically for the commuter. The storied denim brand has released another range of clothes and accessories with a strong emphasis on style and an even stronger emphasis on performance. The new release includes the Commuter 541 athletic fit jean, the waxed cotton work jacket, a wool hoodie, 511 slim trousers, as well as a backpack and a 3M low-top sneaker. Pretty much everything you need to get you through your everyday expeditions. Key details in this series is the stronger fabrics, increased stretch for extra mobility, water- and dirt repellent treatments for added protection and 3M reflective cuffs.

Below are a few images from the lookbook as well as a the "Ride Video" featuring the German architect Julius Kranefuss.