Soweto Wine Festival

Last weekend the weather in Johannesburg was not the type of weather you wanted to be out and about in. But that didn't stop the many people who came through to the Walter Sisulu square, Kliptown, where the Soweto Wine festival was held. The wine tasting affair started Friday 4th, September and ended Sunday 6th. 

On Friday was the introduction to the Festival and one would be so surprised to see people actually came out in their numbers to support this type of event in Soweto more especially Kliptown, well also considering the terrible weather. There were no stalls setup at this stage, just the wine at every corner you turned to. The tasting was setup inside the hall and reception area. The Saturday was the day full of activities, the weather had just calmed down a bit. The guys from Fixin Diaries had a ride around the neighbouring hoods like Pimville, obviously Kliptown and a little further down to Dlamini. The ride really had people stoping and taking pictures to post on IG as well as the #72hrssoweto was the the walk through Soweto led by the brothers from iseeadifferentyou. 

The last day of the Festival was really the best day out of all. The sun came out to play briefly which contributed to the people's really high spirits. The vibe was different, lol the wine was more potent because they pulled out the big guns and the live band playing outside with the mini market was close to perfect. There is really not much to be said but more of something you need to experience. This Fest is the beginning of something really big in Soweto. The collaboration of local brands, the coming together of the different wine houses and the market like setup outside fused with the classic cars was something. It is a great time to be living in Soweto with the come up of the township.