The revamp of the Mofolo store

"change is good" 

And thats what our Mofolo store needed. The two week long renovations were a bit hectic and a lot was done in that short space of time. We moved our stock and set up shop just next door in our cafe, apart from that the sounds coming from the shop one would swear that whatever was going on in there is something big. 

The new look of our Mofolo store was revealed yesterday and there is nothing that warms your heart than good responses from people. The whole idea behind the new look of the Mofolo store was to communicate the same design language that was created at the Kagiso store - wood on black and open spaces. And little elements like pot plants, stickers, bicycles hanging outside the shop. It was only fitting to do this because as a brand we needed to keep consistency of the look and feel we have throughout both stores. 

The special feature that is at the Mofolo store is the wall paper that is at the back wall as you walk into the store. This has to be what the Thesis brand is, what it stands for and where its going in all its entirety. This also says a lot about the lifestyle that Thesis is breeding into both locations.