Ahead of Fiction - Lies & Filth' IG take over on our page (Thesis_lifestyle) we decided to interview the three gents that make the Cape Town menswear brand. The interview started off like this...

Thesis LifestyleWho or what is Fiction? 

FICTION - Lies & Filth: Fiction is an idea that was created eight years ago, we basically wanted to combine all of our styles/design aesthetics into a menswear clothing label that we could be proud of. We make our design and style decisions according to what we want to wear and what we think looks good. We have a strong background in trend and design and wanted to combine our specific design aesthetics/ideas with the highest quality fabrics sourced locally and internationally, for example our denim is imported from Turkey and is some of the finest denim on the planet.

TL: How did Fiction come about? And how did it become “Fiction Lies & Filth”? 

F - L&S: We wanted our name to be strong and memorable while still sounding dope. We also didn’t want it to be too serious because we are a very chilled out bunch of guys. We later added in the ‘lies and filth’ as a strap line to build on the fun element, it also gets people thinking and everyone tends to make up their own story of what it mean which we really like. Our garments are pretty clean and minimalistic at first glance, but when you look a little closer you will find you pick up on some interesting elements like custom branded metal trims, custom printed lining & pocketing or an interesting woven label placement. This we feel takes the item to the next level.

TL:  Who is behind Fiction,? Lol is it like a big crazy team who machine work all through the night or a two man thing.

F - L&F: We are a 3 man team made up of Anton: @antsteinie, Chris: @teamfiction and Neil: @pepper_own_i. We grew up together in Durban and have always wanted to create and own a menswear label. So in many ways Fiction is a dream come true! As far as working through the night, let’s just say our ideas and brains never switch off. We eat sleep and breath Fiction as we are all very passionate about building this brand in the right way.

TL: How has Fiction set itself apart from the very well known men’s labels like Sol Sol & 2bop?

F - L&F: We are really impressed with the way Sol Sol and 2bop have managed to transform menswear in South Africa and the way they have helped to put SA onto the map internationally. When creating our ranges we don’t focus on what anyone else is doing, we just create pieces and looks that we feel strongly about. One thing we are really serious about is creating high quality clothing, from the fabric to the construction and the fit. We are always looking to improve; we are never satisfied!

TL: Speaking of Fiction setting itself apart from other menswear, what does the brand specialise in? 

F - L&F: One element of our range that we are extremely proud of is our selvedge denim. Denim is a whole different animal and requires a level of detail and attention that could lead to insanity, but we love it all the same. Apart from one particular item, we focus on clean minimalistic silhouettes and we keep our colour palette tight. We want the guys to feel like they can wear any jacket or top with any bottom from any of our ranges and know that he is going to look and more importantly feel good!

TL: If you were to personify the “Fiction Man” what or who does he look like?  

F - L&F: That’s a really difficult one… There was a movie released in 2015 called ‘Dope’. The lead role, Malcolm, has a really sick style and vibe in the movie. The outfits and clothes that he wears are completely different to Fiction but it’s more about the way he pulls it off and the way he carries himself. He plays a really interesting character too, he is into all sorts of different thing that you wouldn’t expect. For some reason that resonates with us, as you can’t put anyone into a box based on their age, sex, race etc. People are going to like what they like and that’s dope! The movie is also produced by Pharrel Williams who is an absolute genius.

TL:  What does the fashion forecast look like for Autumn/Winter?

F - L&F: We don’t want to radically change our design aesthetic but we obviously want to provide the guys with a season appropriate range so there will be jackets, sweat tops etc. We are playing around with creating smaller, more concise capsules and releasing them at more staggered times. We will continue to experiment with fabrics, silhouettes and possibly adding a new colour into the mix; we also enjoy creating garment from unexpected fabrics so expect to see more of that going forward.

TL: What are three items that a man is not suppose to live without?

F - L&F: 1) Every guy should have at least one pair of good raw selvedge denim. 2) A decent warm winter jacket. 3) Good clean basic tee’s. With the 3 of those you cant ever go wrong. They are timeless and always look good.

TL: What can we expect from Fiction this year, any collabos or will the gear be found in shops in Jozi or anything like that? 

F - L&F: Funny you should ask that, those are 2 of our key focuses for 2016, we are already in discussions with some awesome like-minded brands to do some collaborations, we can’t say too much just yet but watch this space. We also are really keen to expand our physical presence but at the same time we don’t want to be in every store or in stores that don’t suit what we are trying to achieve. Getting into Jozi is priority number 1, we have had interest from some incredible stores there as well as a few other cities so hopefully we will be in a few more store around the country soon.

Along with this interview are a few pictures from their recent lookbook.

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