Simon Deporres Interview

1. Who or what is Simon Deporres?

Simon Deporres is a small team of young South Africans based in Cape Town. Namely Simon Pocock, Mpilo Deporres Ngcukana and Jesse Lange. Being a small team pushing to achieve a lot; everybody contributes wherever necessary. We do however have our own elements to focus on; Simon and Mpilo handle product design and creative while Jesse handles the financial and planning side. Along with managing the brand we collectively run our own retail space in Cape Town; the Superior Goods Store. Superior Goods is the HQ for Simon Deporres, a combined studio and showroom.

2. Menswear hmm...why get into fashion when especially there are other brands who are already dominating, especially in CT?

It happened completely naturally and organically, Mpilo and Simon started the concept in 2007 during high school and we have kept pushing and working at it since then. What started as a part-time project grew steadily and rather than trying to chase a certain target market or look, we have simply let the aesthetic and product quality evolve with us over time. We make the clothes we want to wear and will never compromise on that. Putting quality of product first naturally resonates with the right market, paired with a classic and simplistic look, we have started to find a solid following of gents who appreciate our product for what it is. Its less about fashion and more about making great quality timeless clothing.     

3. How did you gents get into menswear, how did it start? Were you friends chilling one night having drunk conversations about starting a men's line?

See above

4. What are the 5 staple items that are essentials for any man?

Always choose quality fabrics first, they will hold their fit and last after wash and wear.

-Good quality cotton oxford button-down long sleeve shirt.

-Good fitting natural indigo dyed denim, they will only get better with age.

-Heavy gauge, casual fit pure cotton white tee.

-Quick-dry montone multipurpose swim shorts.

-Monotone Vans.

5. How would you describe the Simon Deporres man? What does he do in his day to day life?

He continually strives to master the art of living; drawing no defined distinction between his work and his play.

Whatever he is doing, be it work or play he gives it his utmost effort and continually pushes to find a great balance in life. He believes in finding your own path and appreciates brands that speak to this; including Simon Deporres.

6. What does the Simon Deporres man look like this winter?

Layered and easy-going. Happy in a casual setting but can easily transcend into a more formal one. The collection continues to add to a product offering of menswear staples in high quality fabrics, chosen for their specific silhouettes.

7. Why place Simon Deporres at Thesis?

The Thesis customer appreciates the quality of Simon Deporres along with the classic aesthetic, tailored fit and considered fabrics. The flexibility of Simon Deporres product to be dressed up or down makes it accessible to a wide audience who choose to interpret and wear the garments in their own way. a new local brand added to the Thesis offering; with a great story of striving to build the best product and lifestyle mix in todays world.