Ubuhle // The Documentary


Ubuhle is a documentary film directed and produced by two young black female filmmakers, Mbali Mashaba and Pretty Mangena, that is centered around the politics of beauty. it focuses on beauty standards and the ideologies that have defined these in and around the black community and how they are often linked to history and politics of survival. It is also in the work of decolonizing beauty.  We've found it incredibly important to include women and men from all walks and spaces of life in order to present important conversations and realities defining beauty. We thought that there couldn't have been a better time to document these ideas than now, at a time in which mainstream media is flooding with generic hierarchical ideas of what beauty is and how violent these ideals are on those who consume them and in turn internalize them. Our focus has been on colorism, pretty privilege, cultural appropriation, make up, hair, the male gaze, and how these concepts have influenced beauty in the past and the present. A huge emphasis is placed on how mass media is constantly reinforcing beauty ideals and how they largely affect black women.

See the trailer below: