Thesis Lifestyle x Jägermeister collabo

There is nothing more satisfying than an Ice Cold shot to get your night started, well actually there is, having said shot in the freshest gear. Thesis and Jägermeister have come together each bringing their irreverent perfectionism to create a once off capsule clothing collection. A pairing like this was inevitable, just like coming together at the bar for a round. 

While Thesis Lifestyle is able to add to the list of brands that they have worked with or even showcase their abilities outside what they are known for, for the youth culture brand the highlight is soaking up knowledge in the working process and seeing the benefits trickle-down through the business. “We are given a platform to grow as a brand. [This] collaboration is an opportunity for us to tap into other brand’s knowledge. It also pushes our suppliers to be better. So the whole ecosystem benefits from the collaborations” says Mahlatsi.

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