The Plug // April May Cover

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The April/May edition of The Plug is a celebration of Cape Town’s rich artistic culture. Our cover stars are leaders in their various artistic disciplines and in the cultural renaissance that is seen in the city.

The Plug Fam, meet our cover stars for the April/May edition: @YoungstaCpt, @ChristianImraan, @hakesy_vet_ket, @Zaid_Osman and @rolo_rozay. Photographer: Haneem Christian Creative direction: Imraan Christian Assisted by: Justin February and Waseem Noordien

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Shot at the Taal monument in Paarl, the artistic direction by @ChristianImraan speaks to reclaiming the Afrikaans language for the people who created it; indigenous people and slaves. Photographer: Haneem Christian Assisted by: Justin February & Waseem Noordien