Imagery by Andile Buka

As digital platforms sweep the world and simple things are made even simpler, why do the purists still prevail? Is it love or a lack of appreciation to embrace the new?

Whilst many of his peers use digital cameras and spend less time & effort to make picture look good, Andile Buka still has time to shoot using film. He still has time to sit behind a studio and develop the images.  Patience, dedication, passion are the skills set that the world still loves about such people, whether its vinyl collectors or film photographers. True passion is hard to maintain, but the rewards of its beauty, cannot go unnoticed. Digital has its benefits and we can all attest to that, but sometimes nothing beats the drop of a needle on a vinyl and the hues created by film.

We all have to embrace the new, whilst looking to recreate the past emotions that bring us joy & happiness and Andile is certainly a man on that mission.

Thesis Social Jam - B&W Shots-6.jpg

All images used courtesy of Andile Buka©