Bridge The Gap- Soweto Edition

As you are reading this, we on slow pace, recovering from the Soweto Marathon that happened on 2nd of November. As a brand, keeping healthy is a big part of what we do. A healthy body equals a healthy mind and with that in mind we started the Thesis Run Cru.

The aim of the run crew is to move non-runners to be runners whilst maintaining the integrity of the sport and challenging every person involved within the run crew to keep pushing. Do better, run further, and run faster, but do this with your fellow mates.


With the lead up to the marathon, we were asked to be apart of the homies half by the Bridge the Gap people. So what is Bridge the Gap? It’s an international movement of runners, which seeks to bridge the gap and connect people from around the world so that travel is made easier. It can be seen as a cultural exchange program as music, art and any creative disciplines are involved.

This was the first Bridge the gap in Africa & what better place to host it than in South Africa.  Thesis Run Cru & Braamfie Runners were tasked with hosting the Soweto and Johannesburg legs respectively and Nine Four held down the Cape Town leg. We played host to the Patta Running Team, Berlin Braves, Run Dem Crew and the Nine Four. We also held a #Homieshalf party for all the run crews at the Nike Football Centre.

Many friends and connections where made from this weekend with an invite already in the mail for us to come out to Berlin next year for the Berlin Marathon. As Charlie Dark of Run Dem Crew said, “Your legs are your VIP and travel companions in this world.” 

BTG2014 0111061.jpg