Sartists interview

Two men. Braamfontein. Style. Popping all over the tumblr pages. Who are they?

1.    How did you guys meet?

We went to the same High School so we knew each other from then, so during that period we started shopping together due to an appreciation and love for one another’s style and that grew our friendship and relationship.

2.    What’s the story behind the name?

Sartists according to a friend who had studied Latin meant “to patch things up” and that’s what we were doing at the time, patching things up from a thrifted vintage point making giving them a modern feel and touch, but at the time when we thought of the name it meant Sartorial Artist, which took the prefix of the word “sartorial” and fused it with the artist.

3.    What does JHB mean to you guys?

For us Johannesburg is home, our story. It is a story that is a result of social and cultural impacts that have all contribute to why we are here. A story that communicates our history and our future, a future we want to create, a future we want to contribute to.

4.    Why you guys always chilling in Braam? Is it the energy?

Well it’s a place to come network, work and find people that will help us on our way to achieving our dreams and desires. It’s a place we can get to express ourselves through a medium where people can get to understand our communication without being judged too much. So sometimes it is the energy but most times it’s just that it’s easier for Kabelo and I to meet there, because his school is in Braam.

5.    What do you guys do besides looking cool? 

It’s funny how the term “cool” used to be cool, and we don’t want to associate ourselves with a previously conceived notion of the cool, but if be it the case then it’s cool. We’re fashion design and journalism students respectively as well as designers, writers to some extent as well as aspiring brand consultants and stylists. We are storytellers.

6.    Who are your style icons?

Our parents are our biggest style icons, as well as people we get to see in our respective environment in the township and in town. That’s where we get our biggest style inspiration, but other than that our mentors from the Brooklyn Circus, Art Comes First as well as the Black Ivy are our biggest style icons considering a global communication of style.

7.    Please expand on your relationship with BKC? What are you hoping to get from it?

To express through words what our relationship with the BKc is, would be an understatement of what that relationship is. A cultural communication has already begun with Africa and the Western world, a cultural voice and progression that is being changed and challenged by both brands to contribute to a common philosophy which is “the 100 year plan” not only for Africa or the United States but for Black Culture globally. We are contributors to that voice.

8.    Define yourself means?

Expressing yourself, creating. Dedicating your life to contributing to that which you love the most and which you are most passionate about.