Introducing Bicycle Stokvel

Who is the Bicycle Stokvel? 

The co-founders are Lesego Konupi, Bongani Maleswena, Kgotso Mdakani. and Lungile Mofokeng.

We started this movement to play a role in contributing to the community that we live in and for everybody in it to benefit without thinking of any financial gain.

This idea was preconceived from the idea of iStokvel back in the day when our elders could put in money together and every month they would contribute to paying someone so they could do something productive with the money rather then going to any bank for a loan.

So Bicycle Stokvel is a modern version of that where we share different trades like music, art and cycling. It’s a safe space where you could come and learn about art through our Street Exhibitions. Have a chance to explore the hood with a bicycle and be welcomed by warm spirited township dwellers. Cycling is a way of also keeping healthy and fit. We also believe that art should live in space where people live in so it could inspire and empower rather then in space like galleries and only seen by the elite.


Why use music, art, and creativity to help the "kids" from your hood to overcome l limitations? Why not math, science and things that are typically learned at school. 

We have set out to change society’s interaction using art, cycling and music. We use these mediums to change perceptions about visiting the township and ultimately empowering the community.

We always wanted to create a movement that will help advance the culture through Art, Cycling and Music.We aim to change the narrative of how the township is perceived through the integration of Art, Cycling and Music as part of the communities identity.

This how we teach our community about things that are a taboo to them and the seems like it’s not excisable to them.

The Bicyclestokvel hangout is a fun and interactive platform that aims to
teach people in our community. We teach people in an unconventional
way through creative talks and dialogue with industry leaders. Math and
Science are not our main forte but art borrows from them very closely.
School is very cool but we find other people don’t excel in Math nor
Science but we help them discover other potential skills they might


How important is it to be authentic, especially in a world where we are all creative, where we all have great ideas, where we all can get a brand collaboration?

Just be yourself and tell your side of the story because it’s not easy to get a brand collaboration. It takes years of working and being consistent on what you are doing. Some guy who is a decision maker is watching what you are doing. The is no overnight success but it takes time and you investing ten thousand hours in your craft.

We are turning four years on the 16th December and we have been at it since 2016 and we started very small and no one thought we would be this big. We are still standing strong and fighting to tell our side of the story. It’s a lonely journey and with those who believe in your narrative will help you tell your story.

When you are yourself it is easy for you to be authentic and honest in your journey of creating work that speaks volumes to people. Creativity is the art of problem solving and the is a need of social development within our townships and we need to lay a helping hand in whatever you are passionate about.


How has the collabo with Converse been received by the people on the ground? Those that don't typically go to Social Media for trends. Like batho ba ko kasi 

You would be really surprised because it was not only a social media campaign but other ATL platforms like Billboards and TV where used for this campaign.

Almost everyone in the hood has DStv and the advert was aired on all Viacom channels like Mtv and BET to name a few. People managed to see the ad and our phones have been ringing non-stop telling us how proud their of us for this collabo with Converse.

People in our community love what we do because it’s something new for them and its motivating. We have done other collaborations in the past with other brands but this is one for the books because we have worked with a heritage brand that is loved in the hood.

Every time someone sees the ad on tv we get a voice note or a message on our social media, people telling us how proud their of us thus far since we started. We are one of the shinning stars in the Eastrand and we love our Hood Vosloorus. We know they love as well.

Where do you see Bicycle Stokvel in the next few years? 

We see ourselves doing very impactful things in different communities and changing lives in a positive way for many people of colour. Time will just reveal a lot of things but we aim on breaking boundaries and changing the narrative for many kids that are coming after us.

We aim on building a brand that will add hope for many people and play a very important role in building a nation and we are open to collaborating with anyone who wants to change lives.

What would you say to your younger selves? 

Where you come from says nothing about where you are going.
Just know you are more than capable .Nothing is impossible.

Pusha…Focus and realise your dreams.