Introducing Nhlakanipho " Hippo" Nhlapo


What’s the message you’re trying to push with your photography? 

That you should give a fuck bro, take the time to actually get over yourself for a little bit. I do portraits because people fascinate me and the day I learnt that portraits don't just have faces in them. Is probably one of the best days ever.

Define Yourself?

Me? I'm really a pretty straightforward person, not “that what you, is what you get” shit though. I just value relationships and experiences. Moer this is one hard ass question; I spend life trying to answer this one question. But I guess if I were to answer that question now, I’d say that.

I am a guy, on the path of learning to love myself.


What does the township mean to you?

It's me; it's the smell yeMbawula in winter.  It's the countless train rides to j sec. the hunger...the grind!! iDust MAAN. The hood is why I’m here now. But also one place I believe needs so much love and less neglect. 

What’s the one thing you found positive about the lockdown period?

That I’m really cool guy to hang out with…hahahahahaha…that's true though. But on the real, I learnt Just how much introspection is important .


Analogue or digital?

Both man, I mean analog is cool because of the anticipation of the whole thing, shots are more thought out. There are only so many frames in roll and you make sure that you kill er’time

Favorite music/song you work to? 

Right now Little Dragons - Another Lover 

All images used courtesy of Nhlakanipho Nhlapo

IG @owasevutta