Kgomotso Neto - Introducing

1. Introduce yourself to our audience?

 - Village boy, Kgomotso NetoTleane and Im a photographer. 

2. What era do your mostly identify yourself with? 60s/70s/80s/90s/00s?

Its gotta be the 80s and 90s, I was born right at the beginning of the 90s, 1990, and I was influenced heavily by cousins and aunts with the music they listened to.

3. What got you into___________?

Photography? I wont lie, It was the internet. The whole blogospot Tumblr era got me interested in photography.


4. Whats your daily practice?

Im a photographer day and night, and I co-run a photography production house called Neto+Paresh with a producer friend of mine.

5. How do you feel about SA currently? Are you positive about the current administration?

I feel like the country is going through a lot lately, almost like a young adult going through a mid life crisis. So much still to be resolved. 

6. Current favourite song?


7. Where would you have your last meal?

At home Ga-Maja,Limpopo, with my grans bogobe ka nama ya kgogo.


8. Invite 5 people (dead or alive) to your last breakfast?

 My Late Uncle

My Daughter

My Mother

My Girlfriend

My Youngest Aunt

9. What needs to be done to change the face of townships? 

We all need to embrace the hood, stop trying to get away from it so much but really be proud of our spaces. We need to tell our our hood narratives as much as we can. Be it through business, music, food, fashion, or art. 

10. Best advice you can give to your peers?

Trust your gut feeling, nothing is as good as it seems, go for what you love, work hard, love the people around you, be humble, fuck shit up.

11. In a perfect world, how do collaborations work and who would you like to collaborate with?


Collabs work well when we both have something to offer and we both benefit from our skills put together.

I’d like to collaborate with Thesis on a taxi project alongside Sash Sakhile Cebekhulu. It would be a three way collaboration.