The store

For many, the month of January is associated with renewal, rebirth and rebranding. Thesis Lifestyle believes in the power of renewal, we therefore understand that the process of renewal requires constant improvement and enhancement. We made the decision to make a few changes to our retail space in order to compete with global standards and to make the Thesis Lifestyle retail experience memorable.

 Our vision for the new store is to make minor improvements including, fixing the roof and changing the light fixtures. We have opted for a simple color palette of grey and white, we removed the tiles and laid an epoxy floor in grey. We have also painted the walls grey and added a window as we believe that this will add depth to the space.

We truly wanted to challenge ourselves with revisioning the space. We made sure that we used a range of textures and materials like wood, concrete, steel and glass with the intention of opening up the space to allow for more air and natural light.

Adding small design features like plants and soft lighting has allowed us to create the urban space that we have envisioned for the store.


A passion project of ours is to grow our art collection and have this be a permanent feature inside the store. We are proud owners of a few pieces, including a sculpture by Setlamorago Mashilo and a print of Miriam Makeba by Neo Matloga. We have also incorporated into the design pieces like the Joe Paine Kreep LX planter holder and the Pedersen + Lennard bucket bar stool. 

Thesis Lifestyle Soweto is open 7 days a week from 10am until 7pm. 

Please feel free to interact with us on all social media platforms @thesis_lifestyle. 

All images by @buka_andile