The Misunderstood Authentics - BTS

It is always stated that we the one's that we have been waiting for as the government institutes and FDI's (foreign direct investments) are not here to help us. Knowing this to be true especially in the quest to constantly define ourselves, we took it upon ourselves to write the narrative of our daily lives.

Conceptualised through a Instagram DM, countless whatapp messages, research and riding, our first visual content piece was something amazing to say the least. Thesis Lifestyle together with Let's Play Outside (LPO) spent two days with the Street Fighter crew, a BMX stance culture crew from Sgod'phola to come up with a lens seeking narrative of how to build culture whilst also being yourself. 

At the heart of the story is two brands, one established and one up and coming telling the story of being misunderstood by people who never want to be on your side. 

Whilst much will not be said until the full visuals are dropped, this visual content piece will not be our last with the LPO guys and street fighter crew. Ours is to make sure that we sit at the heart of kasi culture and be able to tell the stories as we see them and be faithful to the core not only to the people who we working with but also to the culture.