Thesis Recommends

It's day 12 of the lockdown as stated by the President of South Africa and we are fully in tuned with our ways, habits and routines. 

This is a list of the music, podcasts, books, films/documentaries & mixes that we been consuming. 



Not exactly podcasts, but Justice Mukheli has been serving up some live content on his Instagram page, we highly recommend it. Follow him here



Shangri-La by Rick Rubin. Get into the mind and inner workings of the music guru through this series as he sits with some musicians at his Shangri-la house. 

We big Guy Ritchie fans here at Thesis Lifestyle from Snatch days. This is his latest offering call The Gentlemen. 


Friend of the brand, Njelic dropping a HOT set on the Channel O show #Lockdownhouseparty this past Saturday. Below is the link to the mix which showcases some jams from his upcoming EP.