Thesis Staff @ Home Pt. 1

Day 20 of 31 Day's of Lockdown and we decided to check up on our staff and how they keeping up. First up is our shop assistants. 

Gontse – Shop Assistant

  1. I'm doing okay. Can't complain much
  1. It's been different every day. Some days it will depend what time I slept which will determine what time I wake up but I usually wake up 05:30 and listen to the radio 
  1. I miss moving freely and not having to worry that you might contract a virus. Basically living a normal life.
  1. Right now I'm tight with my Dad and girlfriend cause I basically see them almost everyday.
  1. I need to save more for times like these. I mean if they could extend this lockdown a lot of people are going to suffer.
  1. Keep sanitising, stay home and try to learn a new hobby as well, ohm and don't eat too much we need you healthy and keep grinding after lockdown.

Thato – Shop Assistant

  1. I’m not coping, I’m not used been in the house doing the same thing every day.
  1. I try almost everything to wake up and cycle indoors, for an hour I’m getting used to it but either than cycling in the morning, I go through my slides (school work) for a minimum of two hours. Then prepare food. Listen to music play around social media platforms 
  1. Going to work and School, being busy on a daily basis.
  1. At this moment getting to know my family better.
  1. Resting at home, watching the news everyday.
  1. All I can stay is that people of the community should follow the rules that have been given to us. Stay home, Go out of the house if there is a need for your essential stuff.

If we don’t follow the rules, chances that Lockdown can be expended, will increase daily.