Thesis Staff @ Home Pt.3

So we officially on Level 4 of the SA lockdown and as the country fights to flatten the curve, it has been important that we keep up with our staff compliment and see how they are doing. Read below to see how Wandile has been keeping up with everything. 

Wandile Zondo - Business Manager 

How are you keeping up?
Taking it one day at a time.

What does your daily routine look like? The is no specific routine currently, I’m just trying to keep certain habits on a daily basis. That’s meditation, train, gardening, reading, and house chores in no particular order.

What do you miss most?
Definitely the business environment and my son.

Which relationships are you nurturing most at this moment?
It’s the relationship with self and trying to understand myself even better through meditation. I'm also expecting a second baby so been nurturing that relationship, it’s been an amazing journey.

First thing that’s on your mind after lock down? It’s the new after Covid and the impact it had on people. How it has changed everyone.

Your message to the community of Thesis Lifestyle during this difficult time?
Everyone is going through something right now. Take it one day at a time and stay safe. The New Normal is coming.