Thesis X KOO

Something that we pride ourselves with as Thesis Lifestyle is the ability to work with heritage brands from not only South Africa, but also globally. 

Being tapped again by the a heritage brand gives us the needed energy to know that we are on the right track and more importantly we can infuse designs and inspiration on other brand outside of our own. 

Our partnership with KOO culminates with their entry into the pilchards market to add on to their strong line up of canned goods that can be used across a plethora of recipes. 

Coming through with our Thesis basic colour scheme of black and grey, the two designs are inspired by the streets. First design is inspired by street chilling and the bigger plan is to have the character to be a plush toy. 


The second design is inspired by the classic Andy Warhol Campbell soup can artwork. Infusing the classic KOO cans, this design elevates the cans into art on clothing.