Thesis x Loxion Kulcha?


Officially or unofficially, this might be the collaboration that is happening posthumously after the sudden rest of our brother and mentor Wandi. Widely known as "DJ 1D", Wandi was not just a DJ, but a husband, father, brother, mentor and all round creative fruit that let his juices flow through various endeavours that span documentaries to clothing. 

To Thesis, Wandi was a forever constant source of inspiration and a lighthouse we could communicate with about anything at any point. A case in point is the Define Yourself Session that we had with him where he let his soul bear to an audience of 2000+ on instagram live. You can check the interview out on our IG page.  

Dope Black Dads is a digital safe space for fathers who wish to discuss their experiences of being black, a parent and masculinity in the modern world. The idea of the commemorative T/shirt came through after the good guys at Dope Black Dads approached us to make it happen. All proceeds of the T/shirt will go towards the funding of his children's school fees. This is just the start of a legacy project that Thesis will always be apart of together with Dope Black Dads.